Nut Bark

This one is SO easy! 

…but there are a couple of things you need to know to make it even easier.

Start with a good quality chocolate. I used Bernard Callebaut for this one.


In a double boiler or a pan of water with a heat-proof bowl over it, melt the chocolate.  Be gentle, don’t rush it.  Be very careful to not allow even the smallest amount of water or moisture to get into the chocolate or it will ‘seize’. Seize is when your chocolate clumps together and separates from the cocoa butter.  Do not cover it.  This will also happen if you over-heat the chocolate.  Microwaves can be tricky. My personal preference is a medium pot of water and a large metal bowl (as I used in the Pictures).


Once the chocolate is melted, stir a bit then add the nuts.


I once roasted hazelnuts and added them before cooling and just the little bit of steam that occurred when I added them was enough to cause the chocolate to seize so only add room temperature nuts.


Pour mixture out onto a foil-lined pan and allow to cool.

Imagebreak into bite-sized pieces


  1. mmm… this turned out perfect… thanx. think it might become my new fav(o:

  2. Looks delicious! Bark is the best!

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